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Hi, now that you're on my blog, I'd like to welcome you to my humble abode. In here you will mostly find lots of Fandom stuff. Also, I talk a lot in my tags.

Fandom's: Achievement Hunter, Game of Thrones, Video Games In General, Roosterteeth, Hannibal, Dexter, Tom Hiddleston, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, The Avengers, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr., James Bond, Marvel, Michael C. Hall, The Walking Dead, True Blood

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I love how in the show, Jaime and Brienne are like




Then we just have Gwen and Nik over here…



you know your recent jaime/cersei meta isn't bad but your entire tone is so insufferable and you just sound like a total arrogant cunt that its not surprising that so many people hate jaime/brienne shippers and the ship in general, some jaime/cersei shippers maybe dumb but you don't come across any better than them with how you address stuff in that post, try to be less of an insufferable cunt next time and i might be able to read your entire meta without getting turned off by your tone

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If someone says “I love u” and you say “I love u 2” back, make sure you add “no Bono” so they know you mean that you love them too, not just the legendary Irish rock band U2

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